Friday, 11 July 2008

Sorry for delay

Sorry i havent been able to keep this up dated the last few internet.
Here is the brief run down-
On tuesday we were back at the house finishing the house that we were puttying the floor in- finished putting the wall around it as well. Guys worked really hard at it all days and a local guys finished the floor off witrh a red dye that they use. Amazing contrast. Some of the guys also gave out hampers and were inviting some of the kids to the kids club.
wednesday- was dedictaed over to getting ready for kids club. Which started that afternoon- around 150 kids turned up. Then last night we slept out in the jungle hut- amazing experince and we are staying ther tonight again. Then today we were working on a house in the morning. Clearing all of the area around his house. He had been working on the new house for around 3 years so far and can only do more to it as he gets the money. In the mean time they share a house with another family. Then some of the guys were at kids club and the rest went to collçect wood for our work tomorrow.

Just wantied to let you know we´re all keeping well incase any1 in worrying. Guys are tired but good, r


sharon said...

What a great few days youve had working, brillant nice to know someone is, not much to report from home hector misses you loads xxx) we all do, and weather is rain rain rain, so bring some nice weather home.Its GREAT to get all the feedback on your journey RICK ,it must have been great sleeping out hope camp fire and plenty of songs with David went well,with the Guitar lol lee s&rxx

Bethany and Serena Barr said...

Hey ya everyone, hope alls going well and you are all having a good but challenging time. We will continue to pray for you all thoughout the experiences and journeys you are all going through. We are missing you all and we can't wait till you all return home safely. Hope you had a good Birthday Grace. Good luck in all the work you are doing and are going to do. God Bless, Serena and Bethany Barr. :) xxx

cheyne family said...

Glad to hear that everyone is well and having such an impact on the people of Maues. Praying everyday that God will keep you all safe and well and that He will bless you as you serve Him in this way.

David, we only arrived home last night and gave 'Paws' house a complete makeover. Trust you are well and looking forward to hearing all your news when you come home. Miss you loads. Love Mum and Dad

Natalie said...

Hey becks. Just thought i wud check how you are doin and gettin on? Since i havnt been talkin to you for a while. Hope everythings goin well. Everythings goin gd in gr8 fun, but the good news for me and bad news for you is that there plenty of boys here haha! And your missing out!! :)
Love you xx

Sharon said...

Rick its good to get feedback on how you are getting on, the night staying in the jungle hope it wasn't to scary. All the work you've been doing is so good and time is just passing us by. Not long now till you come home. Weather at home has not changed any its still rain rain rain. Hope David had plenty of songs on the guitar whilst in the jungle. Lee you top-up is on the way.

Best Wishes to all

S & R

Gerald said...

What a great experience you are having. I was listening to Bill Hybels today and he said, "As leaders, it is essential that we experience poverty at least twice a year. Not by reading or watching, but by being there."
These weeks will be momentous in your life. I am so pleased for you all.

The Kings said...

olá! o que é o craic os indivíduos esperam que você todo bem e ainda está apreciando a vida da selva? that means "hi whats the craic guys hope you are all well and still enjoying jungle life?" but im sure u already knew that because you are fluent in portugese now?!!

everyone is doing good over here - the bonfires are in full swing now! you should light one and bring some NI culture to Brazil! both of us have back pain - EJ with the weight of kingo junior and jonny with the pain from training! (tell winger and dawsy they are in for a treat when they get back!)

still praying for you that all will continue to go well and that God will continue to use you all!

Miss you all.
Love Jonny, EJ & (Big)Bump

Mum's the word said...

Can't believe it's almost time for you all to come home. Trust the journey is without any hiccups.I bet you will all sleep for a week when you get home! Sounds like you've all been working very hard. Looking forward to seeing you Calum, Mum xox