Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Arrived safely

Hey this is just a quick note to let you know that we have arrived safely.
It has been a long journey over, but has been rewarded by the 2 days we have had in Rio before we head on to Maues. All of the team are keeping well and this has been a great time for everyone to get used to the culture- we get to take in a few of the sights before the work kicks in; Christ the Redeemer and Sugar Loaf. It slightly over whelming to watch the sunset from the statue and see the view of Rio by night. The stop in Rio has been amazing, however there is an anticipation within us to get to Maues, because we know there is more to our time here. Please continue to pray for us, everything has went like clock work.
The Team


Sharon Allen said...

NIce to know you have arrived safe and sound, hope everything continues to go well. Hope everyone remembers to wear their suncream!

Best wishes to all,
The Allen Family

(lee, love you and miss you loads, love mummy xxx) Godbless, keep safe xx

Anonymous said...

every1 doing ok...startin r trip to the amazon at 5 in the morn, 9am for use. cant wait! Rio was unbelievable lak, the sites were absolutely fantastic. il give use a ring when i get to Maues.

Love use
lee xo

jenni said...

hi rick, must say your photo's like a mean impression of "FREDDIE KRUGER!" coooool.
anyway just wanted to say good luck in the task ahead of you all, may God keep you all safe and well. take care of all your team especially "our LEE" AHH! he's kinda special. big kiss's all round [no tongues]. from the gibson family. [lee's family's friends].

Anonymous said...

Hey !!!!
Hope everi1 is doin allright
How is the weather over there ???
It's rainin over here as usual

Elaine said...

Glad you all doin well and enjoying trip Lotsa love to Calum from Mumxoxoxoxoxoxox. Have kept a bit of Daryl's birthday cake in freezer especially for you ! Death by chocolate!!!

elaine said...

Hi Calum, I was at a Birthday Party yesterday and there was a magician there making things disappear! It was brilliant! Love from Erin.xoxoxoxoxox
Hi. Calum, I am a big 2 now. Thanks for your card. Love from Daryl xoxoxoxoxoxo

cheyne family said...

Glad you have all arrived safely and hope everyone is OK. It may be the 'rainy season' in the Amazon, but at least your rain is warm. It has rained non stop at home since you all left.I'm sure though a little rain won't deter you from the job in hand.I trust that you will all experience God's blessing as you seek to serve Him at this time. God bless! from Uel & Barbara Cheyne

(David, miss you and looking forward to seeing you when you return home)