Tuesday, 8 July 2008


Today we went to work on houses in Maues. The guys split into three teams, lee and jones headed back to the jungle retreat to finish off the electric- and find a few more spiders lol. The other two teams we working on houses. One team worked on the house ry and jonny were at on sat, continuing to put the foundation wall around the house so that they will be able to put in a concrete floor. The other team were helping to repair a house. Removing all of the rotten wooden boards from one side of it and replacing them- surprisng how quickly the guys pick up the required skills.

Was a great day for the team- working a way at the houses while must of the neighbours come to spectate. we ara all surprised by the amount kids that are constantly about this place, was brilliant to have them running around while we worked. The girls even had a game of the old favourite duck. duck, goose on the go.

We have so many great photos- sadly the internet comnection is really slow so need time to get them uploaded. will try to get a couple up though.

As you walk around these streets and become more familiar with them, you just begin to love it all the more. Walking past street after street and seeing kids just content is teaching us a vauable lesson. To visit people who have all of their wordly possesions piled in a heap in the corner of the back yard is humbling or to view into someones house as you take the wooden boards away and in some ways you get the smallest glimpse ansd only a very small and limited glimpse into their world.

We are all good.

thanks, r


Barrs said...

made it here by midnight last night Absolutely torential rain...& we all our summer gear with us!Poor Natz havin to play in this weather And poor us havin to stand&watch her!!Dad got us here without us gettin lost Now that a 1st!Can just picture u all playin duck goose Sounds just like Uganda wi al the kids Makes me mis it SO much Njoy the we 1s They wil bles u as u bles them Prayin u al copin wel & that God is doin a mighty lifelong work in every1s heart Luv u xxxxxxxxx

Neil Forsythe said...

Arite dude- enjoying reading your posts in my dry, spiderless, house in sunny Liverpool! (actually I'm secretly really jealous!!) Sounds like you're having a great time and seeing and learning lots out there. Pray that God will protect you and your pals from anything that would distract from the work He has for you to do- enjoy the strange noises in the night and the millions of stars!!Speak soon- Neil

elaine said...

Slightly better day here today. Hope you are all continuing to do well and enjoy all the hard work and the craic.Love to Calum. Mumxo

Anonymous said...

Hey Rick it's Rebecca Clegg here, I'm glad to hear you are all doing well! It's been class to hear about the work you have been doing. I've been thinking and praying for you all! Hi grace & becks I miss you both so much but am glad you are enjoying urselves! Can't wait to hear ur many stories when you come home, Rebecca x

Anonymous said...

Hi guys! Good to read your news and very proud of you and the work you are doing. You are all in our thoughts and prayers every day. Give our regards and greetings to the church in Maues.

Lots of love and good wishes.

Pastor WMC

Anonymous said...

richard hi wee son glad u and the team are keeping well and enjoying the work good to read all your updates loking forward to seeing all the photos all at home praying for u and the team miss u luv mum and dad xo God Bless

Anonymous said...

Can't believe your time is almost up. Looking forward to hearing all about the trip and seeing Calum.Mum xo