Wednesday, 16 July 2008

Arrived home

Just to let you know we have all arrived home safe.
In some ways the times has went so quickly and yet as we look back on the trip it seems so long since the first blog about Brazil.
Will try to process some of my thoughts and maybe get some down on the blog.
thanks for your prayers and support,


Anonymous said...

Good to see you all home - the end or just the beginning or indeed the middle of the journey. Be sure your footprint will be on Maues and indeed the love of God each one of you brought. Continue to be strong, courageous and doing His work.

Neil Harrison said...

Hey pal, I'm just back from Kenya myself (see my blog for info) so onli getting to catch up on your Brazilian adventure now. Sounds amazing! We should meet up soon and share stories! When are you gonna stick a few more photos up here?!