Sunday, 6 July 2008

First full day in Maues

Maues is a great place. The people are amazing and everyone we have met has been so welcoming and friendly. It is a small town, yet is very rural. There is something so beautiful about its simplicity. The way of life is much more relaxed and people seem to have more time. Since we arrived of transport has been the back of a lorry amd as we have been driving around you notice load of kids just out playing in dirt streets- some with a football, others just running araond. I cant help but feel that we and the kids back home are missing something; hidden away in front of computer screens. To see community in action; kids safe to run around has been refreshing. Today as we drove home after a down pour of rain we drove past the end of a street that had loads of kids kids just running around is a giant muddy puddle. We are missing something.

Today we went out further into the jungle to a base that the church uses for retreats etc. It is really basic and trying to make our way there a guy had to machette his way through to clear a part of the road. We just helped to tidy it up. The guys helped to make a roof for part of it with bamboo shoots, they gathered grass from a large over grown area, dug a trench to bring electricity to one of the buildings and then wired the building- mainly thanks to Lee (but doesnt want people to know it was home- they dont have the same standards of health and safety here, frightened he might loose his job).

Jonny and Ryan headed off to work on a house. In was built on stilts- leaving it open to everything- elements and animals. They build a a foundation wall right around the house- for the woman who lived in it with a squad of kids.

We then returned home a rather sweaty, dirty and wet. We had met at the church at 7 and came back after 5 so it was along enough day. We then split and went to the church small groups.

So apart from beiong a bit tired everyone is keeping well.

Thanks to all for the comments they are being picked up and passed on, r


Anonymous said...

Hi Dad

Hope you're having a good time. Seen any big spiders yet?


Janice Barr said...

Still pouring here so you sure missing nothing weatherwise in rainy Ireland. Beca a nervous Natz left this morning for the hockey in Holland They playin Italy 2nite in a friendly & we then go out 2moro 4 the championships She missed the bus to Dublin airport &Dad had to chase it & they stopped it 4 her You can see nothin at home has changed since you left!!Prayin all the time for you all Brilliant to see you all do things that really count for Him Always keep in mind the words of Proverbs23:4 "Do not toil to acquire wise enough to resist" POWERFUL A real challenge for us all here in the west God bless and encourage each one on the team in your "toils" there
Lots and lots and lots of love

Sharon said...

It is amazing to read these comments. You can just tell you are havin a brilliant time. Lee always knew your electrical work would pay off.

You are going to have the bestest birthday ever!

Enjoy your cake!

Love and best wishes mum and dad xx

Anonymous said...

Glad 2 hear u r all safe, well and getting ur hands dirty!Church seemed a bit empty without u all 2day and Chloe wanted 2 know where her Richard was!Praying 4 u all and look 4ward to hearing more of ur trip! The Woods clan

elaine said...

Glad to hear of your work in Maues. I think all the guys and gals will come back with a very different perception of what life is all about after experiencing what you are in Brazil.They will also appreciate all their home comforts so much more!!! Love to Calum as always Mum xo aka Elaine !

Gardiner Family said...

Great to see you all looking so well after such a long tiresome journey.

Hope the Brazilian cuisine is to your liking as I am sure it would be quite different to what you're used to.

Praying for your projection and that you will be a blessing to all who you meet on the trip.

Missing Grace lots and hope to see you soon, love Mum and Dad

Bibb family said...

Glad to hear the great work that you are all doing in Maues.

Sharing the same torrential rain here in Lurgan.

The pictures look amazing and you all appear to be keeping well.

Praying that God will bless the work that you do and keep you all safe.

Bert, Helen, and Matthew

Barrs said...

Becks am sendin you another wee note as we leavin for the airport now just in case we cant access Ricks blog when away Wil try tho!Mad house tryin to get everyone packed up for going their different direction!D is away off to Belfast without his malaria tablets so will have to come back for them!Does that surprise u?!Make sure u all remembering yours each day We all send our luv Ur time is going fast By the time we back u'l be on your way bac down the Amazon DV AM SO PROUD OF U Love u so much and looking forward to hearin al ur news Mumxxxxxxxx

Dave Barr said...


Just thought I'd say hi and say I'm praying for yas. It sounds absolutly amazing. Looking forward to reading the next entry.

Here I am now home alone, Charlene is round at Tenas and the rest of them have flown the coop to Amsterdam, abandoing me to my own devices. Should be interesting enough!

Of course I miss you Becca, and I love you, I may not be fantastic at saying it, but I can write it ok lol! :)

Was thinking again about that quote, what you in Brazil and everyone here in their everyday lives are doing is NOT bringing God to places. He is already there. Instead our task is to make Him more visible. So remember that God has already gone before you, it is our job to now make Him more visible through what we do. Just a thought. Kind of exciting.

Love ya, and I'm praying for ya and everyone on the team!

Dave Barr