Thursday, 9 April 2009

Africa Part One

Okay so i havent been great at keeping everyone up to date. For those who i have not been in contact with i'm having a greta time and doing really well. Have loved the past three weeks, they have given me time to relax and unwind and allowed me space to think a bit more creatively and get some clarity.
I have been living in a tent, althoui i have have upgraded to a bed twice, we travel in a truck called Helena. She is equiped with everything and i've grown to love her, even when we have to push start her. We have quite a mixture of nationalities uk, denmark, holland, newzeland soth africa, iceland, autralia and a mixture of age ranges. We are with each other constant. WE have our own cook from Zimbabwee called Dougie, he's amazing- greta food every night.

Had some amazing experiences already- bungee jumped at Vic Falls, Scuba dived 10metres at zanzibar, saw the big 5 on safari in the serengeti. So you could say it has been pretty good.

Africa is breath taking, its my first time on this vast continent and everything that people say about ot is true. It catches you off guard and suddenly capturesd your heart. I have only been here for three weeks and that has been constantly moving around and yet the warmth of the people and the beauty of the place amazes me.

So far i have travelled through Zambia, Malawi, and Tanzania and all of this has been an adventure. Fior those of you have given me money to bless people that i encounter, i want to say thank you for giving the opportunity to pass on generosity and i have stories to pass on to you of people whose lives you have touched.

My overland adventure comes to an end on sunday. From there i do my induction training in Nairobi, Kenya before heading out to the Internally displaced peoples camp. I have got my location which in GilGil outside of Nairobi, during this month i will be living at the camp with the camp chair man. As much as i have lovedf the past few weeks I'm really looking forward to being in one placve and connecting with people for longer than a few days. I will mainly be working with kids in a make shift school and also just living in the camp. I have been told to be prepared for whatever needs to be done.

For all you guys who are in the middle of gLo, I am thinking of you. There is opart of me that really wants to be there with you have had the time of prayer in town centre and also for gLo itself (another part of me in happy with being in Africa) if you read this tonight. THen can i just encourage you tro put your all into tomorrow. God is at work all over the world in small corners, people like you are bringuing his kingdom into reality so keep going.

Internet time is gone .
Much love thank you for prayers



J-Mac said...

Sounds amazing bro! Keep the updates coming, tis great to read about your adventures. love love

Anonymous said...

Sounds amazing... I know you will be wonderful with those kids in the camp.