Thursday, 1 January 2009

sTaY tHe CoUrSe

As you enter into a new year you usually want to enter it with a fresh motivation and determination; a new challenge or resolve. Its an opportunity, even if it is only within our own subconscious; to recreate, to re-engergise to shake the dust off and to try again. All of this is good and a new year and beginning is an ideal opportunity for this. This gets harder to do, maybe due to scepticism; my own ability, experiences and reality of my own weakness. I find myself at a place where I have to dig a little deeper to bring all these things to the surface.

2009, a phrase has been coming to my find. It is used frequently in a great and well known film 'The Patriot', where Mel Gibson plays the role of Benjamin Martin whose strength of character is only matched by his life experience. Throughout the film when things appear to go against him or when he is torn decide between two 'goods', a phrase which his late wife used to say to him is poignantly spoken into his life, "sTaY tHe CoUrSe".

Staying the course. Change excites me, I want to be someone who searches for new expressions of 'doing life'. This excitement is only matched by how much it scares me. Change is essential. But as important as change is there is also something to be said for being committed and stable. For keeping going and continuing to turn up; for not giving in and going the distance. Its about seeing things through to completion, about being someone who finishes well. There is a depth of character in people who continue through the grind and sometimes harsh realities of life, people who are faithful, who are endurers, those who remain. Yes, we can keep going for the sake of keeping going, we can keep going as a result of our pride or even our stubbornness, but i think in the environment that we endeavour to live we are more likely to fall at the other end of the spectrum.

Staying the course. Focused. Determined. Driven. Knowing where you are going and why you are going there. Not just drifting or aimlessly floating. We are to be people who are blown by the wind of God; that expression brings a freedom with it. Yet within it we are also surrendering into an awesome current that is forging its way through history. Rediscovering my passion, being purposeful, being someone whose actions are deliberate. Even to allow myself to dream and to pursue a call and commission. As much as possible to live with meaning.

Staying the course. Checking the compass and seeing what direction I am heading and where necessary allowing myself to be drawn back on course. I drift. I loose my focus. I tend towards comfort and the things my eye can see and my hand can touch. Trying to live with a reality of God and His kingdom all around me.

stay the course

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