Wednesday, 11 June 2008


At His birth....chaos!
A teenage girl is suspiciously pregnant.
At His death.... chaos!
Darkness, defeat, disillusionment.

A God who appears to work His master plan in the midst of chaos. That He generates a powerful, beautiful, alternative kingdom against the backdrop of confusion, suffering and despair. At his birth, His death and throughout history God is a able to work through the chaos, and often appears to prefer it.
God is at work; at work in my chaos. Those times when life delivers the unexpected, when your unsure of the next move, when you cannot create space within your head. That God works in my chaos. He can work through it even though it's messy. That God can work through the chaos and something divine is happening. Something of God is at work.
God can work through the chaos and He is in complete control of it. Through it He can create something beautiful. Through those times that I cannot predict, understand or enjoy.....something divine is happening. Something of beauty is being created, Beauty that can only be observed in the depth of a persons soul.
I choose to believe that God has not given up on this world or generation. The He has not given up on me. That He is doing more than I can ever imagine. He works in the shadows, in mystery and the mundane. He even works in the chaos, the mess of my life and this world; creating something beautiful.

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